I spent two nights in Sicily and ended up in dogging spots both nights.

Must get back there

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It’s lovely. We were only talking about going back yesterday. Sicly, Ragusa, Noto, Syracuse, Marzamemi all highly recommended. The food is superb and it was reasonable.

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Maybe watch the 2nd series of White Lotus before you commit :laughing:

As seen on TV, is this on the posh enough?

Three grand a fcking night!!!

Haha, I was oggling that hotel yesterday and noticed it was 17 grand a week :rofl:

No, not that posh.

Go on Mark. You’re worth it. Only €2000 a night.

Thanks Gregg, I’ll do a gofundme on here.

Crowdfunding for the win :rofl:

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We went early - March - the weather was terrible (very unusual).

Currently looking at this place which has been recommended

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Fucking hell mate, that looks tremendous.

I did once consider going in April (birding obvs) but it didn’t happen.

Taormina is lovely. Classy italian resort. Been there forever. It is the most expensive place but not ridiculous. We just visited for the day / evening.

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They probably arranged it to make you feel at home :rofl:

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My mates mother is Sicilian. The family have a flat in Syracusa. They’d go over once or twice a year. They’d always hire a car at Catania airport. Last time they went (10 years ago roughly), they returned the hire car to the airport car park as they aleays did. There was a man with a clipboard in a hiviz jkt. “Everything ok with the car sir?”. He checks the car, ticks things off and takes the keys and drives off. At that point my mates dad thinks theres something not right about this. Goes to the hire car desk and asks…“we don’t have staff in the car park”. The insurance doesn’t cover thefts where you hand the keys over. A week later Hertz take £12k off his credit card. It takes months to sort, eventually after my mates father appears on The Ferret (Welsh Watchdog), Hertz capitulate and refund what they took. Hertz said they were pleased he appeared on The Ferret as it happened all the time and it was good to get the word out.


It was worse than back home! Blowing a gale and freezing. We still had a lovely time.

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We stayed in Taormina during our last couple of visits. We usually use it was a side trip when visiting Narelle’s cousins in Calabria.


We went on a work trip to Erice, on the north coast, in December once. The night of the meeting dinner we set out to walk a few hundred yards to the restaurant. Then it started to rain. I’ve never seen anything like it. Biblical torrent. We had to go back to the hotel and change clothes. All of them.

Apply for the mortgage now, mate went with the family in 2019 and said the price for tickets was astronomical, worked out over 100 euros each including the cable car etc (teenage kids who flatly refused to walk any of it)

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We drove up there in the hire car on the way back to the airport, didn’t get to the top obvisusly but it was still interesting.

Harben was only 3 or 4, so that was all we could manage in any event.

Bloke I worked bought a property over ther 15 or so years ago as a holiday retreat.
They were going backwards and forwards from the uk,on the first trip back it had been broken into,nothing taken but everything moved about to let them know.

2nd time the gates were ripped off,and 3rd time the garden torched. There solicitor told them if a lambs head is put on the doorstep don’t come back. Think they started paying the 25 euro per month fee to park at their property.

Turned out after a couple of years that the bloke they paid cash for the property to,didn’t even own it,so they bought another.

They love it over there,and spend a few months each year.

Not exactly a Judith chamers post I’m afraid


You couldn’t describe them as quitters could you!

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