When your flight gets cancelled and you get stuck in Alicante for a couple of nights….


Get yourself in this place

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Ha great pic

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Sunny in Newquay today.


Went around the Picasso museum earlier
Couple of my favourites that were on display.



Looks like it should have been part of the post above :slight_smile:


One of my favourite after dinner stories was told by Bernard Weatherill former Speaker of the House of Commons.
He said that one of the geat priveleges of the position was living in apartments in the Palace of Westminster and being able to decorate at the states expense.
As the state rooms are also used for official banquets he was also allowed to ‘borrow’ works of art owned by the nation.
A civil service department exists to facilitate all this
Different speakers have asked for different art.
When he was asked what art he would like he said he would appreciate some suggestions of works which in some way represented the role of the speaker.
A short list was duly put forward for his consideration
He rejected everything on the list and declared that he would like a Picasso.

When asked how this reflected the speakers role he said
“Eyes to the right, nose to the left”


We give you lots of good advice and you go to Newquay :roll_eyes:

Ah well, that’s AA. :smiley:

10 mins from my hotel, would have been rude not to. On a Alicante fruit sour at the moment.


Nope, no whiff of jealousy here. I bet they are all fucking horrible Tony. Alicante is fun, a great market too.

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Unfortunately Jenny’s asthma has dramatically worsened in the last few months, so long walks are out.


Going to Luxembourg tomorrow, postponed from earlier in the year, to visit the wife’s cousin.

She says that her gentleman friend has “a very good stereo”. I’ll be the judge of that :laughing:

It sounds like she has organised Death By Food, so I’m a little bit trepidatious.


Almost certainly Bose.

Pictures will be required. (Of the stereo, not the food or the gentleman friend).

Roger that. I understand that he’s quite a serious amateur jazz guitarist, so it might be something exotic and Super French.

But then yeah, it’ll be a Bose won’t it.

Can he play the flute? Olan loves flute…

1€ says B&O.

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I was suprised quite how well known your collection of James Last LPs and memorabilia is. I wasn’t impressed though :smirk:

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