Home Insurance

Ay up
My house insurance quote has jumped up by 25% for this year.
I do declare as separate items all the HiFi and musical instruments I own.
Just been on comparison site and getting equally expensive quotes.
Is everyone experiencing this and any ideas on best value providers with good service.

Ours went up by around the same % last month.
Nothing has changed from the previous year.
I did check a comparison site, roughly the same price from other providers

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Rather stupidly I emptied the ash from previous nights fire into the wood bag thinking it was cold. Went out for the day and came back to the house full of acrid smoke.

Really lucky as it just smouldered for several hours and didn’t catch fire, house stinks and carpet ruined, very lucky. Don’t scrimp on house insurance, you might need it one day


I think the cheapest deals aren’t necessarily on the comparison sites.

I got a quote from Saga for my car a few days back for shits and giggles as I now qualify as an old git.
It was 3x my recent quote from the opera meerkats. So they can get in the bin the scamming twats.

We are still with M&S for Home insurance. Single item cover up to 15k without having to list it and total contents cover of I dunno but enough.

Martin Lewes website says there is a 26% rise on home insurance this year.
You might have done everything suggested here but worth a read