I hate Straya


Certainly. I’m heading that way :+1:


I have cigars for the journey






So we’ll put that down to a maybe?


Thereabouts, yes.


There is a hefty amount of fail in this thread recently. Some of those cars almost make the output of Leyland seem sensible.


Feckin’ Strayans…



Ah. I thought that was all one car.




I am in mourning for Nimbin - It was once appeared right thinking.

I had quite fancied prance there through the forests

Sadly It is now stinking quagmire of ethnohonkyism and Trustafarians


Strayan Conservatives showing the Tories how to really be shambolic. Having a Kiwi as Strayan Deputy PM…:scream:


What is it with Strayans insisting on calling crisps chips and referring to chips as hot chips unless served with fish or a pie in which case they are just chips again? Feckin’ annoying to say the very least, and possibly grounds for the deployment of the birch.





You can get to fuck as well you chip/crisp confuser…


Oi! I’ve never been confused :rage:


What do they call those tokens used in casinos ? And what do they sometimes have on their shoulders ? And when things are bad what are down (under) ? Then there’s the Christmas carol “I saw three …”. Oh, wait …



This sort of shit is one of the reasons I cannot and will not live there…



My Florida driving test involved:

Please drive around this empty car park.

Park over there.

Congrats you passed. You did this very dangerous thing (didn’t stop the engine when I parked) but you passed anyway.


For my Houston driving test I did have to take the car out onto the public roads (less than a mile, essentially ‘once round the block’ - five left turns including in and out of the test centre). There were no appointments - you just turned up and joined the queue. If you failed you were free to go to the back of the queue and try again. They did extract another fee, of course.