I hate Straya


Are you meant to do a driving test for the UK? ,just asking for a friend


It’s pathetic. The obvious name to choose was Bryan.


Can’t be him, @stu said he was asking for a friend. He clearly wants plausible deniability.



I was referring to the Ferry name they chose!


In that case I’ll stick to my previous answer



My Florida license should have been renewed after 4 years.
I didn’t so I will have to take the test again.


I don’t hate Straya quite as much after this…


Although the tortuous nature of the process and shitty behaviour of the Government there almost cancels out any and all goodwill.


A good point, well made :unamused:


Now seen on supermarket shelves in Straya…


“Jeados” are an Actual Thing, apparently…



Pinched off Facebook.


Ugh, spelling.


This is just…:ok_hand:t5::joy:


Bob Katter is always worth quoting. He’s what cockwombles were styled after :unamused:


He is a nasty piece of work, as are most of the independent members of the House of Reps. What else would we expect from a member of Joe B-P’s Qld government of the 1980s?

I would refer to him as a skid-mark on Australian politics, largely because I would like to see it boiling him would get rid of him permanently.

Cockwomble does not cover it.


Australian Catholic school sculpture. Oops!



One less reason:

A small win against the strong arm of Fail, which attempted to derail the process because reasons and the Liberal Party.

Yep, 'Straya, where the Liberals are anything but…