I hate Straya


An oldie but…


Nice. I presume he died during the Christmas period. If not he would have combusted on the spot in Adelaide in February.


Life was so much simpler in the 1920’s.


Pretty much everyone I used to work with uses the train/tram system to get to work. You cross at this crossing and then go to Elizabeth Street to get the tram to Parkville, or the Swanston Street Tram to Carlton. Jackie is on the phone checking on family now…

What a mess…

EDIT: Family all OK. SiL had crossed previously and was going into the station when she heard a bang and some shouts. She thought nothing of it until she got home…


Good to hear everybody is OK.

None of our family or friends are commuters (that I’m aware of) so they should be good.


Jackie has been on the phone to Melbourne for hours though. Poverty beckons :thinking:


She is still on the phone :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:


There goes your new [select desired piece of kit here] :laughing:


I doubt it. Might have to feed the kids on alternate days though. A reasonable compromise…


Man absolutely skewers Strayan bigotry via the medium of sarcasm, bile, gross generalisations and a fair old dash of the truth. Clickety-click here for the video.

I kept forgetting about this, it is about 12 months old IIRC. Hey @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi, the bit about the Fish and Chipper in Ipswich should amuse you, if you have not already seen this. There is a treasure trove of ripping the piss out of Oz on the bloke’s FB page.




1890s - Irish gang violence
1930s - Catholic gang violence
1950s - Italian gang violence
1960s - Greek gang violence
1970s - Turkish gang violence
1980s - Vietnamese gang violence
2000s - Arabic gang violence
2010s - African gang violence

Australia: You are too fucking predictable. It’s time to grow up.




Only in Adelaide :roll_eyes:



Those things are cunts. See this previous post for evidence:




FFS !!! :unamused: