I hate Straya


No one cares, it’s on the other side of the world with lots of snakes and spiders, with flies that hate you.


And that’s exactly where it is best positioned for me living over here :+1:



Sorry for The Heil link, but…


The feckin state of the Strayan Government. They organise a coup against the PM and the prospective replacement is under investigation for being ineligible as an MP. And, they don’t have the numbers for the coup :roll_eyes:


Sound about the same as our own clown fiesta then.


CIt is worse down there. This might be 6 PMs in 10 years. Not being able to do QT because all the ministers have resigned is an epic failure.


I don’t know. I’d be happy if it happened here. :grinning:


They can’t do QT here because they are so feckin dumb they mislead Parliament (inadvertently :roll_eyes:) on a semi-regular basis. Howver, they do usually know whose job it is to mislead the House on a given ministerial portfolio.



Strayan Cuntocracy :+1:


Is that the title of a new political party in Canberra?


SCA - Strayan Cuntocracy Alliance :+1:


Replacing the Cuntry Liberial Party??




The first thing the new Australian PM did was to vow allegiance to HM the Queen.

What century are these buffoons living in?


Things must be bad there when even Karl Pilkington is in politics



A message from “average” Strayans to the Strayan Parliament…


Brilliant! Need some NI groups to do the same .