I hate Straya




Trumpian levels of cuntishness


Bless 'em. they’ve sold just about anything of value that they have found in the ground. It’s only coal left to burn.


Kangaroo attack leaves Queensland wildlife carer with collapsed lung


'Roos are vicious bastards :rage:


Feckin’ right. The DA’s family are from Hanging Rock Country. It is bloody crawling with 'Roos. I hated driving there at night as I was worried about hitting one and have it kick the windscreen in as it lay on the bonnet. Always thought this was a myth until I saw Jackie’s cousin’s car after he hit a big male which kicked seven bells out of his car.


Yeah. I would always give them a very wide berth when they were sunbathing on the fairways of my golf club :+1:


Scott Morrison is an inbred fucknugget with a hairline majority. He has no mandate to do this. A boot to the ringpiece should be swiftly appied. It will certainly not go down well in Indonesia…




Doesn’t the ginner twat know he should be wearing a hat?


Takes after his Great Aunt Margaret then? :thinking:



Meghan: Slip slap slop now honey

Harry: Later darling, when we get back to our room


He is not actually a descendant.

This is hello world, another public funded holiday with my fuckbitch who has to produce boy children. Markle can’t believe her luck is her grin, ‘so all I have to do is smile and shake a few hands and I get expensed 1st class for life, fuck me I’ll take it’.




Oz has a nice side too



Typical Strayan garden scene


Certainly a typical Queensland scene.


Perfectly reasonable behaviour. Dunno why he didn’t shit himself and cry like a girlie too.