Interesting Speakers


Really, as they are $7,900 according to Stereophile in 2017.

$3500 for veneer? Pfffft, get it done somewhere else for 1/3 the cost and you get what you want.

Interesting frequency reponse, 10dB rise in bass and treble, compared to the midrange.


They need a full size gril, Tanoy style.


That is $500 for a pair of grills.


The basic Birch speakers are $4400. My local carpenter would do ithe Veneer a lot cheaper.


Get him to put some magnets in the cabs and make up some grills with magnets in.


Rivolti more like.


The Vittoris were more like Simon Mears’ Ocellos ie a refined Klipsch La Scala.


Pete is saving his pennies for a pair.


Looks like a sack of spanners.




You lot are too easily trolled


Pure Audio Project open baffle speakers.
With choice of tweeter/mid.


Think they are Pure Audio Project not Pure Sound.


You are correct. I don’t know where I got Pure Sound from.

They are not overly expensive.


They look easy to diy


Not quite sure they are worth $3500


And behind

Still wished I’d bought these when I had a chance to buy some very cheaply.


Love to hear a pair!


They were fantastic,


I can imagine. Are the bass drivers powered internally?