Interesting Speakers


By B&W.


Altec 605B Speakers. About £2500 from Springair Germany.


…but…this is the interesting speakers thread Dave, not the beige speakers thread :smirk:


But how do they sound?


Look like old British Rail announcement speakers.


I quite like them. Keep expecting the lower port to start flashing and speaking like a 50s sci-fi b-film


15" Dupex Co-Axial. Some announcer.


I’d like to see how they’re made and then DIY a pair.
I bet the sound decent.


They’re basically American versions of Tannoy.


Ugly as fuck.


Taste is a strange thing. I like the look of them.


Considering some have amplifiers about that size, it could be an opportunity to reduce the overall hifi size…




theres a pair of those here at 3500 pounds


Volti Rival Speakers.


Is that his version of a Cornscala?


I don’t know. But they are pretty cheap in basic form. (No veneer)


Yeah, they are basically a 3-way Cornscala (a mash-up of a Klipsch Cornwall and La Scala dreamt up by Bob Crites). I think all of his speakers are basically Klipsch copies with nice build and finishing.


That is one ugly fuck speaker.


OAWhen Guy, Pete and myself were listening to the Vittora’s at the RMAF About 4 years ago he offered a pair for $12000.