Interesting Speakers



That’s because we have to deal with people like you, Bob :+1:


Ha, you wish. :rofl:



Disappointing that Julie Andrews’ rendition of this verse ended up on the cutting room floor.



No mate, I really don’t.

You see you forget that I already have, and that when you changed your mind (which of course you have every right to do), you couldn’t even be arsed to say so…

Have a nice day :kissing_heart:


i had 1028be for quite a while , just occassionally they were slighly bright but overall it was one of the best value speakers i have had . don`t shout at me but i would have a pair back any day if they were carefully matched with appropriate amps


The ones I heard were with a turntable and a Trilogy valve amp, not exactly bright. It takes all kinds, but I couldn’t live with them (as an ex-owner of a pair of 1007be Focals).


Moaning keeps me happy. That and alcohol.


To be fair, you moan less than most.


Whereas you Bob…


I probably care less than most. Water off a dicks back these days. :slight_smile:


Can’t one of you lot just flounce already. Love a good flounce.


love everybody :grin:


I feel sorry for dealers.

Imagine having to spend your whole working day interacting with hifi people.

Enough to drive anyone demented.

Still, if you’re lucky, one of your regular ‘customers’ will kindly keep you company by selflessly deciding to spend his whole day (every day) in your shop, sharing with you his considerable ‘expertise’ in beard maintenance and other important hifi matters. Most hifi shops seem to have at least one such good samaritan - which is nice. :grin:


Ha ! Brilliant.


Sensitivity: 98 db at 8 Ohms. Still in transit from the States. Thereby hangs a tale? :slightly_smiling_face:


Mirrors glued on. :joy:


Poor mans gale 401s


Are they Meridian Actives? Looks like two Kef bass/mid drivers.


M2 or M20 Meridian.