Interesting Speakers


More speakers should come with Javelin holders - I’m forever clattering into mine.


They would not fit in my house and probably cost several times as much.

They’re so ugly that they’ve gone beyond the traditional spectrum of attraction. Somehow, they have opened a wormhole in my mind between that which repulses and that which allures. I am torn. I want to hate them.




For footballists and Arab princes only :rofl:


I like them.

In a sort of “I’d be ashamed for people to know I own them” kind of way.


Two birds one stone


Reel + Horn FTW!


ESS Labs AMT-1 speakers. €500. Audiomarkt.


Is it 500€ for just the AMT-1 unit, or for the whole units including the bass drivers?


I am on the lookout for the ESS mid treble drivers.
I would love to try the AMT-1


Do you like the smell of ozone?


I might if it smells like bacon?


Air Motion transformers aren’t plasma tweeters.


I never smelled ozone once in the 5 years since I’ve owned plasma tweeters…oh wait. :smiley:


The whole speaker.


AMT mid tweeters have a very large FR 800 hz - 20K hz and potentially with expensive decent woofers a decent two way is possible. AE an american company make 15" drivers that work well past 1Khz - They are now pretty expensive so my idea of importing a pair is on the back burner.

I think here was a pair of ESS AMT tweeters at one of the salford shows once

Big ears had some AMT tweeters for sale a while back but they looked quite tatty


you need to get closer and snort harder. Just mind your nasal bush.


You mean apart from when I rebuilt them and it filled the room with ozone when we fired them up?

HiFi which tries to poison you - even better than faff.


I feel we have arrived at the truth. The twin platter tt creates a wind vortex whilst the ozone speakers neutralise odour… the system is clearly designed to cope with jim’s assnami’s