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$2M for one of the most ugly systems ever.


I love timber and wood, but that’s some of the most hideous looking woodwork I’ve ever seen that doesn’t involve mahogany.


It’s terribly proportioned, isn’t it? Why do competent engineers (I assume they are, anyway) not get in some help with aesthetics if they can’t see this kind of thing themselves?


You have answered your own question.


It’s made in India, they like that style there, quite surprised it’s not covered in gold bits.


Tch! It’s not Cheshire :roll_eyes:


Take me to your leader. Goldmund, home of over priced under performing high margin crap.


Has it got a pain in all the diodes down its left hand side…


Telefunken SB 86. €500

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Live Act Emotion Line Speakers.

Anyone heard these?





I would want it all black shiny


Carbon fibre might be nice…



Is that a render for Bob using the ‘Cheshire’ materials palette in Fusion?


Not sure the wood grain is aligned.


I would want gold weave on the cover at the bottom please :+1::+1::joy:


It is, its just the way the black mirror element reflects the light. :grinning::+1: