Interesting Speakers


Heard a few of those - bloody awful


I had the 100s - good enough for me at the time, and sold them to a mate who loves them. I heard a couple of the bigger ones when he had his showroom not far from me. They didn’t do much for me. Seems more drivers aren’t the answer.


Ed Zachary


More righter now


There is truth in this :+1:



Spot the difference.

And of course the original.


Nice those Clarity TT’s, beautifully made.


The main difference is they’re not speakers


Didn’t he do a 'Stratosphere model as well? I remember seeing a picture of Steve Davis standing next to one but it was on stilts I think? I’m probably wrong though.


Similar to a bird within a bird within a bird our man in Chelsea is trolling within a trolls nest whilst not being a troll. 10 points


I thought the ‘original’ was an OEM job where the customer didn’t or couldn’t pay for all of the parts ordered so they set up Clarity to then launch the product themselves. Was that for Lumley? I can’t recall.


I don’t know Guy but he was let down on the original contract because the buyer didn’t have the money.


My point being that Lumley used the design of another t/t manufacturer like the speaker?


Yes they do.


Heard the Stratosphere years ago. Not impressed, lumpy bass IMV


Never got to hear one but Mr Davis seemed pleased in the picture I saw.


I bumped into him at a Heathrow HiFi Show about 30 years ago browsing the vinyl racks. He was buying loads of LPs.


This is correct. I’ve never found out who the original customer was but they were left with parts for somewhere in the region of 40-50 decks when this chap did a bunk.

John Jeffries took around 20, IIRC, which he marketed as the Heliosphere and Clarity sold the rest on their own as the Clarity 09.

The Clarity Dual and the deck for Art Audio came later.


Mostly Prog I presume :+1: