Interesting Speakers


Doubt it. Well known soul boy.


I met him years ago appearing on a GLR radio show with Johnnie Walker talking about vinyl. He was a big Gospel fan “I don’t really do religion but I love the commitment” but he did also pay to hire a theatre in London just so he could put his Afghan on & watch Magma (French prog band) playing live because he’d never seen them. Lovely chap, clever & witty too. Despite having won a Porsche he didn’t drive and would take a taxi to tournaments. He’d throw a handful of cassettes onto the front seat & ask the driver to play them.


Partial to a good bit of kit as well. He ran a pair of large Maggie Ribbons speakers if memory serves


Who is this you’re talking about now?


Steve Davis.




I met him and Dennis Taylor in Claycross Snooker centre years ago ( I used to play a bit). They were both absolute top chaps.



Bet those speakers had cracking highs


Audio Lab-Ya! will continue trading and have taken injunctions out against a number of private individuals and publications to block further libel / slander. A Spokesman for Audio Lab-Ya said: “It’s true our speakers put people the fuck into orbit, but our speakers all feature a minimum of 17 tweeters and Schumannators which clearly are not ‘"Single Loud Speakers - Fuck you’”





Nope, was hoping that having them back in sunlight for a few weeks would fix it but they still look very pink.

will have to email Audio Note and ask about it.


Urgh, German wank. Poetica



Is that second picture from the chap who produces the American Sound turntable? Bonzo has visited in the past.


Like them.


Rinse your eyes with bleach. The off centre mid and high frequency units alone deserve beating with a stick. You are just a sucker for cream lacquer




You raise a good point but that’s what grilles are for!

They have Accuton drive units by the look of it, too, which get a big thumbs-up from me if implemented properly.