Jim’s monstrous b'ass horns

I’m just saying what everyone’s thinking!

Is your garage done yet? I need to design some monstrous horns for you.


I’m expecting the plans to get completed and be submitted for planning approval very soon :crossed_fingers:

I’ll post the drawings on here when they’re done. :+1:


Nice one

Get them built then and I can run them in for him so they are ready to rock once building work is complete.

Are you planning on towing his garage to yours?

The plan is to build them into the fabric of the room.

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Floor horns?

Underfloor bass horns.

That is what I meant. :grinning:

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Lol, they’re going to be cast in concrete underground, so you’d need a fucking big house and a massive artic and crane to transport them… :grinning:


Unluckily for you I can supply all of the above.


soz…you posted while i was typing… I’ve only got one finger you know :grinning:


Are the bass horns to replace the bass units of your current horns or is it all change?

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The only bits worth keeping are the tweeters IMO. :grinning:

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I agree. Whether I use the existing pair, or sell them in the Acapellas then look for another pair or some other tweeters depends on how the money situation is at the time.

I’d procure another pair and sell the speakers whole.

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There are lots of nice tweeters around for under a grand, I reckon the A Capella ones will be a lot more than that. I do like the idea of the tweeters being much less sensitive than the rest of the system though!

Until I got to this post I assumed that @coco was pulling your leg.

Is this serious business?


If you’re going to build monstrous bass horns then why would you scrimp on tweeters? Fucking accountants.

The Acapella tweeters are active, btw. They have their own drive circuitry.

It’s not about scrimping, it’s about getting the right ones. I think I’d prefer to try 3 or 4 like Raals, Fostex and JBL etc rather than spunking loads on the Acapella.

I’ve been really enjoying the sound of mine on cymbals etc these last few days.

Well, my thinking is that this will be my last listening room and as it’s mostly going to be built completely new out-of-the-ground, so what better opportunity to incorporate insane bass horns? Besides, I’ve been around @coco and @AmDismal for far too long…my brane is polluted forever with horn madness. :weary: