JP's car - I Ignored the Advice and Bought What I'd Already Decided on


Into some plebs.


It’s the old shape E Class. I’m actually leaning towards it for the extra space.

BTW, I agree, that piano gloss plastic they are pushing is utterly horrendous. They so a matt (black ash) version which is much nicer. My brother has the ash version on his new C class, and it’s a much nicer place to sit.




I prefer those aswell. I did look at them when my mazda exploded, but pussied out - I would only pcp cars like that, except I just cant get my head passed having nothing to show for it after 2 or 3 years. Maybe when it’s time to change again in a couple of years I’ll try it. A nearly new 5 is very very tempting.

The taxi drivers we use for work for airport runs say the old shape Es are good but have electrical problems with various sensors falling too often.


merc will bore you (you might want that) if it is anything like the C Class I have just spent time with.


Well from my point of view, it’s a very nice choice either way to be fair, I’m pretty certain I wouldn’t be disgusted with either choice :-).


You would try to shovel a Wankel engine under the bonnet though Rob…


if most of your driving is m ways and decent a roads get ‘‘boring’’ merc. I would rather be boared and comfortable and keep my licence. Only had one merc, a C-class estate, in 7 years it cost me a few tyres, cooling hose, and a spring beyond servicing. Mind that’s more than 15 years of Volvo. Never owned a felt the urge to try a BMW, my old mans 535 put me off. Drive that for a couple of hours I had a buggered right knee and ankle for a week.


Obviously :slight_smile:



Good at electricity, shite at swimming…


Beemers don’t float either


That’s a three series though, I’ll bet the five is better.


I will never have a BMW again as it affected my hip and leg, the chiropractor’s exact words were “do you drive a BMW or a Golf? If so get rid of it”.


I’d probably go for the Merc if it was me and I was doing lots of miles. Comfort and refinement are far more important for that role than shaving three seconds of a lap of the Nurburgring. Used Jag XJ?


Last series of S class Merc is also coming down in price to more affordable levels.


£17k will buy you a nice Range Rover, so this is obviously the correct thing to do. You could even have one that runs on tractor fuel if you really must.


mmm i like the look of the merc even if its the 4th most targeted car accoding to the sun !!


Feck, have you seen Jim ? Only a fool would nick his car :grin:


:hearts: 20K buys this…