JP's car - I Ignored the Advice and Bought What I'd Already Decided on


OK, you win the internet !


I drove past one of those (and got overtaken by it) about 4 times in queuing traffic at 7.15 on the M25 this morning.
I don’t often really notice other cars but that stood out, it was lovely.

Not sure Jim would fit in it though :grin:


I’ve has my XF for nearly 3 years now. Not had a hint of a problem with it yet. By far the most reliable car I have have owned. It can’t match a 5 series Beemer on fuel consumption though unfortunately but I can Iive with that.


I like your style but it might make an Alfa look reliable, plus service and parts must be a fortune.


Nor can a 5 series Beemer to be fair - “imaginative” official consumption figures are not exclusive to VW…


Most 2l owners report around 50mpg which is not shabby given the size of the vehicle. I get 44mpg from my 3l.


It’s good, but way short of the advertised number


My 320d has averaged 53.8mpg in the 28k miles since I’ve owned it.


Yep, I get mid 50s from the aircraft-carrier-sized V90 when I drive it. Sam … it’s usually more of a rally…


It really is too early in the day for driving Sam jokes.



Surprised you get that much, I was getting slightly under 40 (same engine - N57). But I do have lead feet…


Yep, tracked it on Fuelly for years. The OBC is surprisingly accurate - only out by 1mpg.


Yeah mine seemed to be about right, based on a few fills where I tracked it. I guess the 8 speeder helps somewhat.


I used to get 45mpg in town and 60-ish on the run in my 14 plate 320d 8 speed auto.


Average of 50mpg from my 190 bhp Volvo XC60 :+1:


Haven’t got a bloody clue what I get from the Merc. All I know is it’s a damn sight more than the old Rangey.

Which I still miss.

And saw last weekend.



But not in your pencil.


As these are not company cars, I’ve realised I could go for a larger engine. Am test driving both on Saturday, but will have a look around for a 530d too.


Bit of a hike to get to though


40K miles on a 12-plate diesel repmobile?

I wouldn’t…