Why? Have you got a room you’re exhibiting from?


Sock puppet.




Yes two of us from HFS are taking our own systems. They made it open to other forums a couple of weeks back.


Two more reasons not to go to Kegworth then :+1:


I am no sock puppet my information is open for any to view. DrEvil was a name given to me by the guy who runs HiFi Foo Fight Blog


I understand there’s a large dose of Meh! here, but for me its opportunity to have a bakeoff. Haven’t got room for more than 2 at home.

Its what we make it, in spite/despite the current management I turn up, set up, watch the rugby , drink beer, shuffle around and play some toons.

I hope to see a few Meatmen.


Are you not banned from here yet?


What have I done to be banned.


Lads, I’m trying to concentrate on BBC Parliament. Fuck’s sake…




Nothing yet, but just to let you and any newbs know how things are on here:

Any posts of a racist, sexist, misogynistic or homophobic nature will likely result in a temporary or permanent ban.

We do not encourage any talking about most other hifi forums - these will be deleted. You can say pretty much what you like about this one.

Swearing is allowed. :+1:


Are you the admin. Why should you think I would do any of that.


why would anyone do that but they do

but not for long


I don’t. Please join in and enjoy.


It’s more that we don’t have it publicly stated in an FAQ anywhere, so an occasional reminder never hurts.

I should probably write a FAQ at some point.


Sorted that James


not needed jon , we pretty much filter ourselves i’d say



…only two cunts per day though, unless you’re a mod :grin: