Pah, kids, who’d have em’ hey?! :rofl:


You and yours caught superbly in the mirror…

I enjoyed today but felt like I spent 5 minutes with everyone, and wanted to spend an hour.


Yeah, that’s the problem isn’t it? I felt like that too.


I swear the W8s get smaller every time I see some.


Big sound though.


I can’t single out rooms as they all sounded great.
Some of the smaller speakers were surprising and I don’t think I made it to a lot of the upper rooms.
Baby sitting for some obelisks was fun until the difficult questions started…


Those rooms don’t look any bigger.


Some of the bellys do.


Hifi - fat mans game.


The bedrooms were bigger and even better, there was pretty much no bleed-through of noise from other rooms.


They weren’t enormously bigger, but they were longer, and with the shower-room set-in they had an entrance hallway which broke up longitudinal standing waves. One feature which blocked some people was that the table was screwed to the wall. So if you couldn’t put a speaker on it then the gap between your speakers might be limited. Of course you could fire across the room and some people did that.



Saws and screwdrivers surely?


FFR Enjoyed pics - make me realise how much i value the show. I had miserable time missing the demoes. - just measured snow depth on our bin 10 inch(25 cm)! And we are just 100 feet higher than your house - tho exposed to wind here. Reports suggest excellent (tho different) sounds thro out and better venue sound wise. Wonderful work by all.


Ah, those were the days.

Disappointingly I’ve not been able to get to any incarnation of the Show for the last three years, although I don’t think Mrs K shares my disappointment in not going…!


Well from an exhibitor’s POV massive improvement better sound proofing and a LIFT, seriously there is no way we could have hauled that J.Wood amp to an upper floor at Scalford. There we sooo many trolleys around at breakdown, less back breaking etc. Can’t comment on visitor numbers but our room was standing only most of the day.

I heard rumours that the snow was really bad at Scalford Hall and not accessible, anyone know if that is true?


I enjoyed being an exhibitor and had a full room all day. Loading and unloading much easier, room acoustics are good, hotel easy to negotiate for punters and exhibitors.
Lots of people from all the forums to catch up with and HiFi enthusiasts who appeared to enjoy themselves.
Overall I thought it was a good show.



“adequate parking”.

I had no idea Beyoncé was providing free valet parking this year.


Adequacy is not equal among all men.