Has it changed? It used to be three FFS.

Oh I know, fucking cutbacks :rage:


The first two are free, any after that are chargeable :wink:


Fuck sake’s we haven’t agreed a forum tagline yet - Forum Tagline etc

Don’t even get me started on an ethos :rage::face_vomiting:


To have a collective ethos we’d all need an individual ethos…


What is a keg worth?


Well you are pretty unique.


We need an ethos


@jim isn’t. He is identical to @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi. We really should do something about doppelgangers at some stage.


Merge them :+1:


Might make for an interesting DIY project.


Risk of critical mass.


You’ve been watching too much Jacob Rees-Mogg


Dunno about merging, me absorbing him would be far more likely :laughing:


extergimus Jacob, est asinus;


Two rongs don’t make a right.


I’m just impressed that this guy hasn’t posted since July '18, but still remembered his password.

I have trouble remembering my own house number.


The specter of organized fun is stinking up the place.


That is no way to talk about the mods team :grinning:

They are there at all times for your safety and security…


Couple of extraneous letters there.


Those Latin evening classes were well worth the money @Stu :+1: