Harrow schooling paid off


I’m going.

Sue me.


Bloody spellchecker.




You are back on my list :angry:

…and you :rage:


With dress sense like that, it’s no wonder he painted his ceiling brown.



Obviously just my opinion but for me it looks like you have lost the plot. A user show has always been a good thing from when Chestergroup asked you lot (James) as the old in crowd at Wigwam to do it. And what a success you made of it, it is down as a special place in the history of our hobby, so why be petty now. OK different man, different motivation, but you had the option to carry it on in your name, but it seems you prefer to sit on the side line snipping. At least a user show still exists.


Small point of order: your post in this thread was the first one in 11 months.

You can hardly accuse us of sniping, it just hasn’t been mentioned at all. We’ve all moved on and did so quite some time ago.

Ultimately the shows are about the people who do them, and we run a couple of get togethers now - One down south in Lopwell and one up North.


What is your view on Bakewell tarts? :thinking:


Is that like Madame Defarge ?



Then go to it, I might, dunno yet, but I have looked at the systems and it’s all a bit MEH. I would only go for the social aspect as said before.

But to slag off the guys who lumped massive amounts of heavy, beautiful horns, tape drives and valves because they aren’t interested in joining a suitcase challenge is pretty crass.

It’s history here, move on.


I forgot I had joined, and had no motivation to post. Now I have a motivation. There have been at least two snipping comments in this thread, others I just detect a vibe.

I just felt maybe an outsider could prod you as for me there seems to be a block. Just maybe time to let go and let bygones be bygones.

I am not being a troll just genuine interest. Your bake-offs are great stuff for you lot but you do tend to keep them to yourself. The original concept from Chestergroup was to invite all forums, but only one had the balls to join in - Wigwam / James, more fool the others. Now there is an open invite to all other forums (including yourselves) to take rooms in your forums name. This seems to be a generous and open offer to break through the stupid forum wars that have grown up.


I can assure you we have. A long, long time ago. There’s just no interest from most of us in going back to what it is now. Lack of interest isn’t the same as some imaginary, latent simmering bitterness.

You’ve spent many years cultivating a reputation, so don’t be surprised if you’re not on everyone’s Christmas card list.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but this isn’t much of a hifi forum any more. We mostly chat nonsense - hifi isn’t the number 1 (or 2 or 3) reason we come here.

Again, there is no real interest one way or another in the other forums here. It’s live and let live. I personally jump on any carping about stuff going on with other forums - I’m just not interest in having it aired on here and neither is Jon or the other mods.


That is sad, it is like you have lost your mojo.


Yeah, whatever.


Not sure where you got that idea from



Because it is always the same people.


Look, you might have well come on here with the best intentions, but we are happy as we are.