Being lectured by you on this is like chatting with Fred West about patio design. You can’t possibly be typing that with a straight face.


You’re really starting to sound familiar


The best way for anyone to build bridges is probably to make sure they log in often, get to know the crowd and be known by them and, if they think they might be misunderstood, keep away from contentious subjects to begin with. Honestly showing up out of the blue and within a few dozen posts calling the whole forum unfriendly is poor bridge-building technique.

Just my two penn’orth of course.



I never start conflict, never have, and can prove it, but someone attacks me and they will get it back with interest.

I have a concept which is offered to everyone it is called “Day One”, everything in a relationship goes back to day one the past is let go and not brought up. It has worked with a few people but others seem to be happier with the warfare, if that is what they want they can have it.


Goodnight, mate.


I’m out




I stayed away, all you need to do is look in your archive, search Richard Dunn or NVA and tell me if in my boots you would have done as you request. Times seem to have changed the group I call the Dunn haters have largely shut up.

Again all I am doing is answering posts if you feel the replies are unfriendly I am afraid they just mirror what is being replied to.


So why come back and act like a butthurt idiot? FFS, if you want to be accepted, you’re not going about it very well.


How friendly of you. I reply to posts with my views and my opinions, same as everyone else.


Thank you


I can barely conceal my unbridled joy at your new found popularity.


Day one really! How about deleting your diatribe thread as a gesture of good will then.


And perhaps complimentary Donner kebabs in your trade by proxy NVA room might go down well on the day.


Dear God, why accommodate this keyboard sociopath!


Fuck off.


Scalford was fun with some seriously ambitious systems being put together just for the day. Systems that made it worth a visit. Then someone tried to monetise that communal effort missing the original point of the event. People have moved on. The fun, communal aspects of Scalford live on at the Yorkshire & Devon gatherings but they are more about food, drink, music and company than about hifi per se.


This thread has a bit of a 2015 vibe about it. I’m very pleased to have moved on from there. The abject failure of the 2019 HCB thread and the recent bun/bap/roll controversy are much more interesting topics than hi-fi. This thread full of meh! is upsetting my chakras and raining on my Feng Sui.


Blimus…I never expected to interact with you on a HiFi forum Jean-Claude Juncker.


More like a usenet crosspost from 1997 vibe.


Meh. Bugger off troll.