Kent Bake and Slow Coffee Saturday 28th July


Thanks for coming everyone, I had a brilliant day and I’m bloody knackered now! Also, thanks for all the beer, coffee, cakes and other comestibles, I am home alone this week and shall be well fed and watered for sure. Great to be so lucky with the weather too. Today is wet and windy and Friday was unbearably hot here, so I reckon we had it just about right. Thanks to Pete and Mark for system tweaks, it’s sounding very nice now.

A final word has to go out to Dave who was unsure how to adjust the speed on the turntable and didn’t trust his ears even when it was right. Maybe 15 minutes of mirth for some of us, whilst the majority seemed to ignore it. Kind of summed the day up nicely, a kind of post hifi bake-off moment.

Seriously, I have the very best fun with you guys, you are all such great company. A really relaxing day, which went far too quickly. :blush:


I shall treasure the memory of Dave’s mogodon rock for some time :+1::+1:


I have that Hampshire and Foat album on now. ‘How the nights can fly’:heart_eyes:

Like a loop of the most gorgeous moments of Troubleman era Marvin. Favourite sound of the weekend. :+1:


I have the Magnolia Electric Co on now, and am wondering just how the fuck they managed to pass me by :roll_eyes:


Feckin’ brilliant LP that. Tragic that Jason Molina is no longer with us.


We were listening to The Lioness at high volume last thing before we went to bed. Remarkable how he put himself right out there as a performer time and again. It’s a treasure trove, dig in!


Really sorry I missed this. I will get to hear Ritchie’s system, in situ one day.
The brownies went off to the neighbours, who were having a few people over.
After a nervous half day, I was good to go, but too late for the festivities.

Might to try and squeeze a bake-off in for early September.


How do you find it on Tidal compared to vinyl?


It sounds very nice! Not sure it is quite as vivid as how it was on vinyl with Jim’s phono but I would have to listen to them back to back. I’m listening to The Honeybear now, also great! Really reminds me of the library album ‘Mindbender’ , except all the ideas are stretched out.


Well actually Pete kept turning the switch on and off while my back was turned. :joy:


Got a copy of this book:

Wish it came with audio…

Really enjoyed lunch at St. Leonards today btw.


You need to Gregg - it is a true joy to listen to :heart_eyes:

Thanks for a great day Ritch - you did indeed work your arse off keeping us fed and lubricated! The food was lush - chiili and bbq. We were spoiled rotten :yum:

Roll on the next one…


A pleasure, I enjoyed every moment, it’s great to have everyone over. Will try and organise another ASAP. :+1:

  • Starts to spam Kerry with weekend break offers*


Where did you eat?









Fixed for accuracy. :joy: