Mince Pies & Other Metaphysical Musings -> 2019



For the mince pie outlaw.


Is pipe mangling actually classed as graft? :thinking:You’ll be telling me next it’s a trade :joy:


Trade? Its a fucking craft… an art if you will.


Bit like craft beer…50% better but twice the price. :grin:


Does he know you are a Thespian Stu? And a damn fine one at that!


I won’t :smiley:



Hoover lady having a Charge of the Light Brigade moment of futile heroism.

The plumber . . .



Yer collective Maws




No mince pie flavour yet, but surely it’s only a matter of time :face_vomiting:



Oh fuck, they exist

Along with this abomination




You need to be quicker than that :grin:


I blame Trump and Brexit - Fuckery is rife these days




WTF Sprout flavoured crisps…


Marks & sparks offering. What may not be visible is the hole in the top is a “star”… this I find quite gimpish. The pastry is slightly more golden than Waitrose & the co ops. In the mouth the thick pastry is like eating a pound of shortbread. Not quite enough to cause choking but a cup of tea is required. Filling was very sweet, this is all that can be said it was that memorable


That looks like a very disappointing effort from M&S.


And that is a bad thing?