Mince Pies & Other Metaphysical Musings -> 2019


Not quite lifetime boycott but I will be buying my grudz elsewhere out of spiteful protest - take that clagg vendor !


My wife just sent this picture. She said she bought them as a treat… I will remain apoplectic until nap time… the day is in tatters over here


Only Heston Bloomingfail could concoct such uncouth wizadry.


I will not be consoled - I have invited the worlds top ten ruthless cunts in history to the mind garden for a crisis meeting - The retribution plan is looking most inventive, served of course with dry ice and rabid foam.


His last offerings were fucking disgusting

Enjoy :+1:


If that’s not an activated charcoal croissant by another name, I’m not Clement Atlee.


I will sample these in the name of AA research - Review to follow.


You are a brave, brave soldier searching for The Truth.


By the look of them they’ve also included that hipster staple, charcoal.


Including the view of loo rolls (or are they kitchen rolls for wiping up vomit ?) is a nice touch. I’d keep the small person further away from the ‘pies’ though. You don’t want social services showing up.



This is what masquerades as a mince pie and cortado at Cafe Nero in Liverpool. I’m angry before I approach it…


I’m certainly not convinced that the Cortado (wtaf?) is the right beverage to accompany a mince pie. Too much smooth & fat. Needs tea.

However, as you haven’t actually been served a mince pie it may not matter so much.




are you going puce with anger?


Take it back,demand a refund plus damages. If they don’t accept,call the police


Titus Oates.


Eat it then demand a refund.


Filling looks dry and chewy. Fail.


Base looks like a Yorkshire pud