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Close but no cigar.

How can they sell this as Sea Salt anything with next to no salt in it?



or bacon :grinning:


Rarely has the required sugar content though.


try glazing it with some shit like maple syrup or treacle


That’s a hanging offence. AFAIK that’s the only one that has never been abolished.


I agree. However, I have had the tea at Cafe Nero before and so, with the wisdom gained from experience, I gave their tea a wide berth (:face_vomiting:). I shall avoid the coffee (:face_vomiting:) there as well in future. The festive pastry puck is a criminal offence and steps should be taken :rage: to address this. Usually, I am reluctant to deploy a Molotov cocktail for a first offence but this case may prove exceptional.

(Excuse the delayed response, my original reply disappeared into the ether…)


This M&S salted caramel Christmas pud gets close but not quite.

Conceptually it can fuck off though.

The key figures we’re looking to exceed are (per 100g)

Fat > 17.5g
Saturated Fat > 5g
Sugar 22.5g
Salt > 1.5g
Sodium > 0.6g


This. It is an abomination by the looks of it.


Pie investigations take a dark turn at the hand of the curd man. Best = deathy…


You couldn’t be more wrong about the combination of bacon and maple syrup.

I also may have scarfed the odd rasher of candied or chocolate dipped bacon in my time. Don’t judge me :upside_down_face:




Maple Syrup, the proppa stuff mind, goes well with all pig meat. Science fact.

In 2000 I sat in a maple forest in Quebec eating a meal of thick cut smoked ham and mashed spuds covered in Maple Syrup. Easily one of the best meals I’ve eaten.


I would pay £13,000 for a water cannon right now, this pigmaple trend needs cleansing


I’ll share the cost with you :+1:


Scrap the rest of the forum. All we need is the mince pie thread really.


Quite, although seasonalists can only use it in December…


Will report back on these tomorrow


It’s not what I’d regard as the best, I’m just interested to find the most lethal Christmas foodstuff.


Rather healthy looking. Are they from some hipsterish wholefoods emporium?


Another close call