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why not if that’s what takes your fancy…wouldn’t do it for me, but a Marmite and Cheddar cheese Naan might…


I’m going in…


Make an ice cream cookie sandwich with the mince pie ice cream.


Is nothing sacred?
…Nap time brought forward half an hour due to perversion of pie.


Taste the Difference
Between them and anything worthy of being called a mince pie, quite easily. As disappointing as feared.


Naan-deviants can all feck the feck off to the Naan perversion thread please. Particularly advocates of such things as marmite and cheddar naan, largely on grounds of marmite (a.k.a. Satan’s smegma).


I always have a garlic/chilli/keema naan…I find that quite sufficient.:smiley:


The mince pie naan can fuck the fuck off.
The deep fried pie and Christmas pudding up thread made my willie move. Would try.


A bacon and chilli sauce naan would be great! :laughing:


Shurrup James. You’ll make Mark irritable with your food trolling.

BTW you forgot unsalted butter in your effort.



I wonder if you could batter and deep fry a tub of mince pie ice cream, a sort of Glasgow/Christmas deep-fried Alaska :thinking:


I’ll batter and deep fry you in a minute :smirk:




Louise has just asked if mince pies and ice cream is a thing.



Time’s up there. Unforgivable


I suggested she open an account here and ask…



Pop tarts

No baking tin? No problem. You can still enjoy all the flavour and fun of a mince pie in a super easy free-form bake with these mincemeat pop tarts. Using ready-rolled shortcrust pastry and a jar of mincemeat, you just need to cut squares and sandwich together for mince pie bites that are easy to make and even easier to eat.

image: https://realfood.tesco.com/media/images/RFO-636x418-MincemeatPopTarts-RFO-Christmas-b691d6a3-b8e0-4480-8be6-1b173074fc73-0-636x418.jpg

Read more at https://realfood.tesco.com/curatedlist/mince-pie-recipes-to-make-this-christmas.html#P8Kcm5276sgGatSm.99



Narelle’s just decided that she’s making these :roll_eyes: