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Where is the craft / the artisan / the time and effort / The luxurious taste?

Convenience costs decency - Cunts


You really are too kind :grinning:


No problem, you deserve the finest insults known to man! :innocent:


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I feel both humbled and honoured :relieved: and because you took the trouble…

Black Forest

For Christmas treats that truly stand out, try these dramatic Black Forest mince pies. Inspired by the flavours of a classic Black Forest gateau, this chocolate twist on a classic is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. With rich cocoa pastry and tangy dried cherries added to the mincemeat (along with an optional splash of cherry brandy), these indulgent pies are dusted with gold glitter for a pretty finishing touch.

image: https://realfood.tesco.com/media/images/RFO-MAIN-472x310-Mince-pies-b24c6dab-34ab-47f6-9562-9784f51063a3-0-472x310.jpg

Read more at https://realfood.tesco.com/curatedlist/mince-pie-recipes-to-make-this-christmas.html#Jm97lpXBvajwBm04.99

These look really speshul :heart_eyes:


Conniption creeps



I was stood in Waitrose looking at Hestons abominations, when an old lady snatched a packet from the shelf, took a look and promptly put it back.

She muttered at me that they didn’t look very appetizing, and I agreed. She then looked me straight in the eye, and told me her dog Betsy produces better looking turds.






Should of got her to sign up here.
She knows her pies


A particularly cruel line of trolling on here today - I’m at home with the kids. This means no restorative napping or Schumann basking - Chi is wilting over here


#me too

I have other persons loin sleepover. Who is

Currently demolishing a full tin of mini hotdogs. I’ve told them both that drinking hot dog juice will give them a beard.


Careful now! The religion teacher at my old school got 15 years for using that line on a prop forward from the first XV.


Christmas Pud; Slightly off topic, but I have been asked to provide the pudding for Christmas dinner at Bros. and decided I should make one. I have looked at a few recipes and was a bit taken aback to learn that they need steaming for 8 Hours :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I also learned that that reduces to a mere two and one half hours in a pressure cooker :heart_eyes: Has anyone tried the pressure cooker method? How long would it need to be reheated for “on the day”? :roll_eyes:


microwave FTW


I do not rate the microwave for things that need long slow cooking.


for the reheat I meant, lots of moisture and air in there
I agree need to be long & slow for 1st cook


Sorry, yes I agree.


We used to use a pressure cooker at my Mum’s for Xmas pud. Always did a decent job. We would cook it early (mid-November IIRC) and leave it to mature. A short reheat in the pressure cooker (say 30 minutes) did the trick. I would absolutely avoid the microwave as my experience is that it dries things out as compared to steaming. One long cook and a short trip in the pressure cooker was the best approach.