....more armchair politics (Part 2)

I wonder if that will head straight back to the oil, gas and coal brigade? Answers on a postcard please.

Shame they’ve seen fit to give with one hand to the hospitality sector - by dint of duty relief on draught beer - but then taken it away with the other, by raising duty on wines and spirits.

Just for once I’d like to see something more than empty promises and tokenism in this sector. I’m not much of a drinker nowadays, but I do love a trip to the pub, and they’re disappearing at a horrendous rate around here, with no meaningful help from the government in any way, shape or form!

Obviously brewing, distilling, distribution and victualling will all be hurt, and overall it seems likely to fuel inflation, not check it.

1 cheer for Chancellor Rhyming-Slang…

Listened to the News Agents today. It seems that those adjustments Hunt made to the pension allowances are a massive giveaway to the wealthy to the tune of around £800m.

So while the rest of us have to swallow a 6% reduction in our standard of living both this year and next, the wealthy can stuff unlimited amounts of dosh into their pension pots with gay abandon knowing it will all be tax free. It’s a bigger tax giveaway than Kwarteng’s removal of the top rate of tax.

Cunts proving once again that they just can’t stop being utter cunts with no morals whatsoever. Cost of living crisis - fuck it. Let’s fund the rich.


It was done under the auspices of keeping experienced GPs and Consultants in work, it may well succeed, but I doubt they will be able to put a figure on it. A couple of hundred? The tax break benefits 15’000, the wealthiest 1%.

Am sure they could have just paid Docs a retention bonus or limited the pension break to just Docs. But nup, all the top 1% get it. No surprises there really

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Only because we know the tories are the worst type of cunts. Happy to fill the trough to the brim for their wealthy mates to gorge themselves while the rest of the country is really struggling to make ends meet after a decade of austerity and a disastrous brexit. It’s fucking disgusting.


Consolidate power move.

They should have found a better way to keep them in work.
He also should have kept the cap at 40k a year or made it a set lifetime amount. Aside from the 25% you can take tax free you need to pay income tax on your pension. This only benefits the working rich, folk on say 150-300k a year. The rest of the 1% club have far better ways to hide their money and wouldn’t want to pay the gov 45% tax on their pension income.


They already have a targeted tax/pension system for Judges, I don’t know all the details (and I am not sure I want to) but I would have thought a similar system could have been found for doctors

Son of a fucking bitch. Thought I’d be safe from the 25% corp tax rise but no it’s on a fucking stupid sliding scale based on a marginal relief of 3/200ths, few grand being hoovered off to pay for the cunty Trussonomics fiasco.

Ah well, perhaps you can cheer yourself up thinking about those millionaires’ pensions you’ll be working to subsidise :ok_hand:


I really hope he loses, but it would take a big effort!

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atomic bomb explosion GIF

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IF he gets suspended for more than 10 days his constituents can petition for recall, which as he has just been re-selected by his local party might be fun and a real indicator of how things lie

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The Treasury says it acted because the lifetime allowance led many professionals, such as NHS consultants and GPs, to retire early on reaching the limit, creating a staffing crisis.

How does reaching the limit lead to early retirement. You just stop paying into the pension and carry on working, yes you lose the tax saving of a pension pot but it’s not forcing you to stop working.

If you’re a doctor then you can’t opt out of the pension contributions. That’s why one of my consultants has retired - the pension contribution was mandatory, and the pension charge was huge, so he was getting paid fuck all, and overtime often reduced his take home.

Cunt could have solved it by simple allowing doctors (and some similar professions) to opt out of the pension contributions. That would have worked perfectly, just need to add in some shit about making sure that they have some kind of pension maybe. But no, he did a thing that hugely benefited some wealthy people.

Tell me, which party is he in again?

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Not sure whether this belongs here or in the cp thread

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Probably the CP thread. Who’s the author ?

Jesus wept, just listen to this
nonsense :pleading_face: