....more armchair politics (Part 2)

I think the kid is just happy that he can see both hands on the table

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Good forbid we reduce the massive profits of a few companies eh… get yourself some gloves and a woolly jumper.

That article doesn’t make much of the effect of increased work by the body - needing more food.

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Exactly; all the more difficult as Foodbanks are reportedly getting low on donations in places…

Oh, and to top it off, because some may not be able to heat their homes, they may be subject to lifestyle checks; not just kill the poor now. Blame the poor too.


Why are people that rent treated with such disdain in the UK?


I ‘lived’ in a bedsit years ago which was so damp, one’s clothes would stink of damp several days after leaving for a holiday break, etc.

The walls would be damp to the touch within minutes of heavy rainfall as the parking spaces were tarmaced above the damp course.

My friend in the room opposite had mushrooms growing under his wardrobe due to a leaking washing machine in the next room…

There is no meaningful protection for tenants.

That’s the impression I got then and I still believe that’s the case.

Thankfully, I left that shithole over 20 years ago.


Only poor renters… :disappointed:

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Wonder if this has anything to do with the Scottish govt calculating costs for an independent Scotland?

The thing with that is sooner or later the definition of wealthy creeps ever downwards.
Also I suspect the truly wealthy already go private anyway.

W8! Wut? Wot happened to the “Scottish Powerhouse” of industry and electricity generation and oil and stuff that means an independent Scotland will become a Utopian Wakanda-alike with Wee Jimmy and her mates gliding about on hoverboards?

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Don’t they use all the oil to fry their Mars bars?

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Don’t you be dissing the glorious culinary traditions of the Far North! :open_mouth:

I don’t know if you are into the Marvel movies but one of them has a scene set in a Scottish street outside a fast food shop which has a sign in the window saying “we will deep fry your kebab”. :smile:



I’ll take a bet that no difficult conversations were had because it’s not difficult, that they are aware of our issues if only because they don’t give a shit about human rights and that exactly zero specific measure are being taken.

Cleverly really is an arse.


lovely moment as she looks around the table desperate for someone to help her or a giant hole to open up.