....more armchair politics (Part 2)

Just disgusting.



But sadly no surprise, largely as she doesn’t give a fuck. After all, its only her job to know…

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Yep; how the fuck did she get the fucking job?

I’m sure most here if asked a similarly relevant question relating to their job would be able to answer.

And in the case of a legally sensitive question, be prepared and not stumped like the “floater” in video.

It does not come across at all well.

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It’s been suggested that the government thought she would be easier to push around than Cox when it came to making awkward legal judgements.

keep up, she’s Home Sec now :slight_smile:

So she is. In which case it’s a job which doesn’t officially require any qualifications. I guess she got it because Liz Truss didn’t have some skeleton in the cupboard that Priti Patel knew about. (Boris Johnson must have had - there can’t have been any other reason for keeping the useless malicious woman in post.)

Liz Truss sacked her and Sunak brought her back.

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Perhaps the more pertinent question is “Whose attack-dog is she?” - i.e. which interest group has crowbarred her into this position to take care of their interests.

That interview is also a stark illustration of intelligence and competence versus ego and ambition. Sadly the former group has no interest in politics and the latter no interest in anything but themselves…


She knows the answer very well she just didn’t want to say “Britian has closed all legal routes for anyone fleeing war or persecution unless you are from a select few countries. The only option left at the moment is a dinghy across the channel.”


Whoever is pulling the strings on John Hayes.

Both valid and well put.

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Somehow I don’t think she’d be embarrassed by having to give that answer. She does, after all, share her dreams about putting children onto planes to Rwanda.

Can you imagine being a similar high ranking member of government from almost any other country and having her turn up to speak with you?



Here, or cockpunch?


Here AND cockpunch


One for the police I hope.

I’m sure they can be trusted with this one :man_facepalming:

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Since when does the Met any policing of politicians?

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Desperate, desperate shite.

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He’s so petrified of getting painted as a Brexit denier or a friend of the Unions (which’d both now be quite popular positions) that he’s going right along with MoS & Murdoch orthodoxy. I hope he does some big U turns once elected but I don’t have much faith.