Motoring horrors aka Edd wants

Blue Peter goes peak Trumptard.

Not sure I remember seeing a convertible Capri. Was this a standard factory offering.

Looks like a 3rd party conversion, google says Abbot or Crayford???

Never been a fan of the crapi but this looks nice



I had a summer job at Crayfords in the mid 70’s. At that time they were turning Capris and Cortinas into convertibles. They were also building bullet and bomb proof Mercedes. An interesting summer.

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That sounds very interesting indeed! :sunglasses::+1:

Should’ve made an extra heavy one for PQ to slow him down a bit.

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I remember all the glass being about 40mm thick, they had test samples showing that the bullets did not go through. I also remember adding a ceramic like material to the floors and doors. They were also the UK distributors for Argocats which were little multi wheel buggies that steered like tanks, good fun moving them around the yard.


We had an armoured Sierra Cosworth in NI. The door hinges had to be reinforced for the window glass and had the same ceramic and steel plating underneath (and in all the door panels etc)

We even had a switch to release smoke grenades from underneath the side sills :grin:

Despite all the protection I always took out the bog standard Pug 306 as the cozzy was a pig to drive

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Recall Gill being as white as a sheet after riding down to Paris from Calais in the back of his then, newly acquired, 420 SE. Not amused :astonished:

This week I have been driving one of these.

The Link &Co 01.

Mostly an xc40 is a shit suit. The car is alright. As long as you are sat inside it.

It is much better than the Build You Dreams thing I had for a bit last year.