Mumsnet time: mattresses

Apparently our mattress has a hole in it. It’s clearly end of life, so I need a new one.

In recent times, mattress in a box companies have popped up advertising heavily.

Any views or specific recs?


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Why, what have you been doing?..


I wanted memory foam as I have a bad shoulder. The shop man said it sleeps hot. And I sleep hot!

There’s loads of variety and your best bet is a sales person who gets it and some testing.
Then, it’s just about budget.

Or you can bounce on a few and pick the one that’s the most fun?

Not true - we have one and i’d never go back to a normal sprung mattress…

I’m tempted. Seems all foams are not equal and you get what you pay for, though.
There is just a bewildering variety of tenpur options. One day, when I have time…

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The sales pitches for mattresses are wonderful. Be sure to shake the hand of the first man to tell you how many hours you will spend horizontal in bed over your life.

Years ago we had a tempura memory foam job which was very good but memory foam has come along since then and with competition the prices are much more reasonable. I just got a double for our spare room and it was less than £200.

I like sleep

Me too but I’m very bad at it.

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We also got a hybrid one for our son’s new double at £160 and he loves it. He is light though.

We’re at the point of needing a new mattress in the next couple of years. It’s a Super King size, mind, and they are eye-watering prices. The better pocket sprung ones are well into four figures.

If you want memory foam I believe the “Emma” range won Which’s Best Buy test, fwiw.


Yeah that looked good. There’s also Leesa, which is British. I have eliminated Caspar due to being American.

I’m not sure I want memory foam, but I think I fancy giving it a try. Sounds fun.

Bought a Simba Hybrid recently - got it around half price brand new on Gumtree. Very happy with it.

Lots of these new mattress companies offer 100 day free trials.

Try the Pompey centre it’s all going on this time of year


We bought one from Hypnos. Fantastic value and really comfortable.

Also relatively local to us.

Vispring, but be prepared to re-mortgage.

Good Grounding, negative irons, Schumann’s and 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets are the gateway to napsville

The good point is the no quibble returns on the memory foam.

Almost too good to be true. Suspect people just stick with them due to the rather British hatred of embarrassing confrontations.


I hate how everything is a new and unexpected opportunity to drop four figures on some random shit. It’s like everything you own is yet another midlife crisis just waiting to happen.

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Surely with a massive band-saw they could be upcycled into expensive room treatments. So much win.

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I think he just needs to do something more righteous for a living.