Mumsnet washing machine recommendations


That’s why I either buy cheap, or buy something that has a long warranty. Often the expensive brands only have a couple of years’ warranty, and that’s totally unacceptable when they are 3-5 times the price of a basic item with 1-2 years.


Agree with this. My days of feeling good about myself for the prestige of owing luxury products are mostly gone - In general I think there is significantly less variability in quality between goods than there was twenty five years ago.


I bought a Hotpoint 15 years ago and it has been used and abused, overloaded and relocated several hundred miles in the back of a van without locking the drum, but it’s still going strong without a single fault during all of that time.


Yep, we’ve got a 4 year old version of this; no problems so far.


Panasonic from John Lewis, 5 year warranty. 3 years in still doing a great job.


Thanks for all your recommendations.

This Turkish manufacture seems to offer a rather interesting addition function.


Arcelik :rofl:


Except it’s pronounced Arch-el-ik :roll_eyes:


Fuck you, spoilsport :frowning:


Our Siemens has bitten the bullet today. Lasted 6.5 years and been a pain in the arse for a number of them.

Here’s some free advice if you’re thinking of doing a new kitchen - don’t go for integrated appliances because it will royally fuck with the choice of what you can get.

There’s no Miele, LG, Samsung options at all. The usuall suspects from BSH (Bosch, Siemens and Neff) all come in around the £800 mark and I’m loathe to drop that sort of money again on something with a two year warranty.

Looking at a Beko job at the moment that’s around the £450 mark.


I wouldn’t go near a Beko, especially one at 450 squids. Buy a Miele and a sledgehammer and make it fit :+1:


There’s almost no choice for integrateds, Paul. I mean, if they’re good enough for Peter Gabriel…


TBH I never do fitted anything as it is too restricting. I use an AEG stand alone washing machine and a lump of old iron as a cooker and then Bosch dishwasher and Beko dryer (it was cheap and I bought it at 2am when tired).


Peter Gabriel :grinning: You’re fucked then.
Seriously though I suppose you could be lucky and get one that works as intended ( lack of QC let’s them down I suspect) but £450 sound a lot for a Beko.


Sweet :slightly_smiling_face:


it only that price cos it’s integrated, and they know they got the mugs who bought into the hidden appliance integrated wet dream by the short and curlies

cough up and get the Bosch


Get a Panasonic.


I can’t imagine how anyone would willingly integrate Beko appliances into a fitted kitchen :roll_eyes::flushed:


Just take the 600mm unit out and fit a free standing machine. :+1:


They don’t fit, otherwise…