Music To Look Forward To (New Releases)


I’ll buy it when it comes out but I’m fucked if I’ll pre-order it at that price.



I can’t see it selling out immediately.


Personally, I would take great satisfaction if I could get it at 40% of the release price six months after release. Sadly, I’ll probably buy it around release because box and shiny :roll_eyes:.


Bollocks, just spotted Wire - 9 7s on that list, that’s me queuing :rage: Will probably get a copy of No Strings Attached while I’m at it.


Fuck it. I’ll wait until I’m drunk enough to not care.
Drunk purchases are the bestest.


Nothing being released, anywhere, at any time that appeals, so no vinyl purchases appearing at this venue.




You do realise there’s no flutes on it…


I brought Japanese flute jazz to your room on Sunday, you weren’t there, very disappointing.


I had a tip off. :wink:


The new Cavern of Anti-Matter LP is due pretty soon. This article serves as a taster and links to some other interesting stuff that is informed/inspired by Krautrock. The Shit’n Shine LP mentioned in the article is not great though. File under poundshop psyche.

EDIT: Forgot the link:



Much as I want to, I’m not going to click that link. I’ll listen to the whole thing on vinyl when it arrives here. Anticipation/patience is sometimes a good thing.

EDIT: It ships around March 23rd so not long to wait anyway.


I haven’t listened either! :joy:


Shit & Shine are a band best served live.
Listening to them at home is absolutely pointless.


Agreed, they are much better live than on record. Having said this they aren’t that brilliant a live act.


Disagree, have seen them heading towards a dozen times, each gig different, the best transcendental.


Nup, nor me. Not long to wait now.


got the date wrong - it’s 17th April, should be worth waiting for though


Did it sting?