New: Recommend a New Car or just moan about random cars 🙄


Footballer’s wife. :rofl:


Why do you think I am keeping the rollerskate?


Oh! it’s a TDV8? Standards around here!:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Negotiating the buy in price is everything (including factoring in the price of sensibly having to buy a 3 year all inclusive warranty.) Price paid + Warranty cost is still less than a garage retail price.
JD Automative in Northwich and are recognised as the Countrys best private Range Rover specialist to do servicing repairs etc so I will be keeping away from the sharks at the main dealers.


Seriously wtf? Looking forward to seeing u turn up in that :joy:


Divorce lawyer for the Cheshire WAGs, you can have the strap line.

“Overfinch, only my divorces are quicker”



I had to get something equivalent to your truck and this was all that I could find which means that I will have room for some speakers for Cranage next year. Start planning now!


Needs neons underneath


Needs ? It’s GOT Neons underneath !


I like this one.


well I got about 36mpg out of the Outlander today, but that was with a fully charged battery which lasts for about 20 miles. I really don’t understand this type of vehicle.

The suspension wallows around like Stormy and POTUS on a water bed.


Available for hire by the day if you are making a Rap Video. Rates on application.
ICHM is available to act as the bodyguard for a fee.
BobC will be wearing the strap on.



Update: Delivery is now put back until end of September. The car we had agreed on was sold due to the paperwork not being processed immediately. The only car available was one with pearlescent paint (£540 option). I said that will have to do but only at the same price.
Done :+1:


oooh sparkly :sparkles:


For £540 extra I wasn’t really fussed about the Cheshire White. But as it’s free…


I like a white car, but like white knickers they are hard to keep clean for any length of time.


The last one was white (not pearl) too. Really practical for Oxfordshire’s rural lanes :roll_eyes:but I like it.


My previous BMW was white, my first white car, never again a white car. New one is red.


I have a pearlescent white car. I like it. But then I like car detailing so no issue keeping it in good shape. A decent wax is your friend for minimum cleaning effort.