New: Recommend a New Car or just moan about random cars 🙄


The armour coating (included) helps a lot.


Stop wearing them then :stuck_out_tongue:


Mental images Jim. Mental. Fucking. Images :flushed:


Is this have a pop at Jimbo week then bruv? Yesterday the Punstapo, today you…:slightly_frowning_face:


The mental images get worse when you remember that he rather likes going commando :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome to my world Bruv :roll_eyes:



Aww diddums. Does @Jimmy-wimmy need a :hugs: hug.



only when convening with nature…


For the record I took the car (Mondeo estate, 2l petrol) in for its MOT and a small service. It passed the MOT (cost £42). Oil and filter and checkover of all the bits that the MOT doesn’t catch and VAT added another £160. I was without the car for 4 hours. We do very low mileage now (5k in the last year) but all the same £200 plus the tyre a little while back didn’t seem bad for a car at the 45k mile mark.



I had the Hyundai i20 MOT done last year at 47,000, cost £35 for the MOT. They replaced a number plate light FOC.


My wife’s now 8-year old Poo-go 3008 costs almost feck all to run and service. We replaced some brake pads and are on the third set of tyres. Just as well it is cheap to run as it is utterly shit.


Get an Hyundai :+1:


Good value. If you doing an average 18K a year as I do, the calculations will be (I suspect) very different.


yeah but admit it, it’s a rubbish car. Replace it with a Porsche.


With Mrs VB doing 35-40 miles per working day and the pair of us going up and down to Northumberland quite a bit we averaged at least 15k per year. Some things (e.g. tyres, oil changes) scaled with mileage and they were three times as expensive as now. Other things didn’t (we needed one MOT a year however far we drove). So over all things were a bit less than 3 times as expensive as now. I can’t remember when we had a car last fail an MOT though. It’s happened perhaps three times in 20+ years. Once it was brakes, and that was expensive (over a grand).



Why stop at a Porsche ? If I was going to go daft I’d want to go properly daft





Why would I want to do that? The Poo-go is enough shit car for my wife. Hopefully we will buy something not shit next time.


251bhp? That’s only vaguely silly. Properly daft is a Westfield SEight 330 - 4.3 Rover V8 and 330bhp! Allegedly undriveable in the wet and barely controllable in the first four gears in the dry, come to that…