New: Recommend a New Car or just moan about random cars 🙄


Sounds great.


Think I’ll stick to the Land Cruiser. I’d shit myself in a car like that.


It’s all about weight balance and the amount of power to weight. I drove a Westfield SEeight before I got my Westfield SE 2.1 Pinto (175BHP), the SEeight is no faster as you can’t put the power down and in the corners it is slower as there is too much weight at the front.

When I was a member of the ‘Westfield club’ (cheap insurance), most aspired to the Duratech Ford 2.0L engine as that was the best as it’s light. The really fast ones are the bike engined ones 1.3 Yamaha tuned (one or two engines), insanely fast and light.

Believe me 175BHP in something weighing half a ton and 3" from the ground is more than enough on UK roads. Up to 100mph it would beat all but the hypercars, things like Porkers were eaten for breakfast.


Indeed, a big fat V8 ruins it. All about keeping it light and balanced


Excellent thread title, :+1:

Are you of the two wheeled persuasion, as well as the four. six eight…?


What about a big light v8? Mmmm ls1.


Needs a Rotary Wankel otherwise it’s shit :+1:


Any V8 is too heavy



Ones that exist. :sweat_smile:


Caterham Seven 160 is all you need. 660cc Motor


Or this for sleeper appeal.


This betterer…


Great car, however those shit looking steel rims would be swapped for a set of these or similar the moment I got it home.


I like steel wheels on the right car, otherwise alloys rule.


The roof is next to useless and leaks on most of them, the doors (ha) just flap about, useful on a motorway to stop spray from lorries, otherwise a pain and you won’t use them. It’s a fair weather car and you’ll keep it in the garage. You will need a windscreen and 4 or 5 point harness, as well as shock proof goggles, as bees and flies etc… can blind you.

If you want one, start with a lower power one and work yourself up to a 200bhp+ one, if you are used to normal road cars and try to drive the same way in a Caterham / Westfield, you’ll probably bin it and hurt yourself.

They do not have;

  1. ABS
  2. A slow reving engine, you press the loud pedal and you are off, instantly. Press it too much (and it’s easy to do) in the first 4 gears and you will either; snake, 180 flip, enter a hedge.
  3. Don’t be heavy with the brakes, as you will just lock the wheels (as it’s very light), you don’t need Carlos Fandango tyres either.

Great cars, nothing else like them, but fucking dangerous in the wrong hands. I sold mine as I nearly killed myself twice (wheel fell off on snake pass and 360 into a field, and then full power side into a fence).


How was the ad? One careful owner. Ex+ rarely used.


Sold it to a very nice German fella who was going to track race it in Germany & Holland. He was quite successful with it as it had twin webber 40s and 2.1 pinto, it was in mild tune at 175bhp, I think he got 190+ out of it.


My friend sold his recently to a French gent who has a few of them. Traveled over, paid and then drove it to Blackool for it to be converted to lhd.


I’d quite fancy one as a project to build the kit, but there’s no fucking way I’d drive something I’d built!