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Just had new brake pads fitted and now he needs to MOT it at his cost and then we are off!
Not a photo of the actual car but same colour/wheels/rubber bands. No bling LED light string over the front fogs though. Far to Cheshire. I do not live in Alderley Edge.
You are looking at a future classic that will now rise in value like Lazarus. Note that you first heard that here.

Good Points:-

It has a reasonable stereo LOGIC 7 – 1,200 watt Hi-fi (19 speakers, surround sound harman/kardon system)
The most reliable of its ilk. I pray!

Bad points:-

Running costs.
Did I mention running costs?

We will see how many mpg we acheive wafting down to see Ciderpig.

Anyone want to start a poll?

I am now as certifiable as most of the people I work for who have indirectly funded this. A great number of them are multi- millionaires so they can easily afford to indulge. Bread and water for the next 3 years here.

Westminster specification before Overfinch extras includes:
Gloss black front grille surround and black back plates to headlamps and tail lamps
Body coloured door handles and grille surrounds
Overfinch luxury carpet mats with leather trim edge
Overfinch perforated leather seats
8-speed automatic transmission
“Drive Select” rotary shift gear selector
Paddle shift
12″ TFT Virtual Instrument Panel
Touch-screen hard disk drive navigation system including 4×4 interface and TMC and Voice Control
Hybrid TV system
Dual view screen
Bluetooth phone system
LOGIC 7 – 1,200 watt Hi-fi (19 speakers, surround sound harman/kardon system)
iPod & USB audio connectivity interface including iPod link lead
Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) radio
Xenon headlamps
LED front & rear signature lamps
Memory function – driver’s seat, exterior mirrors and steering wheel
Heated front & rear seats
Cooled front seats
Heated leather steering wheel with memory function switches and cruise
Keyless push button start
Park heating with remote control
Electric sunroof
Terrain Response
Adaptive Dynamics
Fully independent electronic air suspension with variable ride height
Hill Descent Control featuring Hill Start Assist & Gradient Acceleration Control
Centre electronically controlable differential
Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)
Park distance control (PDC)
Rear view camera with parking aid
Rain sensing wipers and automatic lights
Acoustic glass
Heated windscreen
Headlamp power wash
Heated powerfold door mirrors with memory function

See you all at Cranage next year. Tickets to sit inside it will be available at reasonable prices. Easy to see in the Car Park as I will be straddling two spaces and be staring in “How to Park Like a Cunt”


True in every sense.



Enough said.


Old model, not Cheshire mate. :rofl:


How very dare you.
I resemble that remark!


Could you elaborate? :grinning:


That could have so easily been an @ZiggyMarley post.

Have a word with yourself, FFS !


The cats will arrive to destroy his house soon. :flushed:


I’m not that bad - at least I don’t call myself Yoda


now that could happen, after 2 weeks away the brand new sofas are showing some nice signs of cat activity.

They also seem to have removed one of the heads from my gentleman’s razor from the shelf it resided on. And scratched off loads of paint from my newly painted hallway door frames…


Fecking about with a gentleman’s gloss…unforgivable.

Bricks and burlap for a second offence…


You are lucky that you are not small with " well developed" ears and that your daughters friends thought it was hilareous to call you Yoda after seeing you gardening one autumn afternoon in green trousers/ green jumper/ green wooly hat!
This was not helped by the fact that all their parents had told them that if anything happend to both parents that they shouldn’t worry as I would sort everything out for them.
Not a Monica that I chose but rather one bestowed on me.


Much nicer than …


That is such a tear jerking story that I’m not even going to point out hilarious


moniker however…


nein only arrogant tossers choose it.


Sad but true in every sense. Cheers


Popped in here yesterday to have a look at this:

It was lovely and the guy that runs the place is great. I had to go after reading his adverts at the bottom of the page here :rofl:


Yes, he does like Landys, doesn’t he?.. :rofl:


Boxer nor Wankel :roll_eyes: