New: Recommend a New Car or just moan about random cars 🙄



Lovely as it was, I’m not buying it, not what I thought it was.


Should have read “Boxer not Wankel” :weary:


Well my Merc estate is now in the garage having the back half ripped apart, as the hinges on the tailgate are fucked, it’s a year old.


Too much hifi in and out of the boot :slight_smile:


Going to have a look at another car tonight.

It might be a BMW :crazy_face:


Cheap German shite




Nooooooo :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Email a couple of minutes ago to say the car has arrived and is ready for collection. Too pissed now.
Too busy with work for the next few days. Off to the Isle of Wight for a couple of days (with Strayans) on Monday.

So, collecting the car next Friday :+1:


This just arrived…


Looks like it needs a polish :wink:


Send it back


White with black wheels…very strayan…:wink:


Someone’s already vandalised it


Turns out there was a mix up with the paint. AGAIN. The ice-white arrived not the promised sparkly one.
A few grunts, a couple of expletives and a Service Plan (£695) was added in for gratis.


I rather like the Heads-up display and radar cruise control.


Quite like it, meself


OK. I think a review of the Mazda after it’s first 500 miles is in order;

Styling: More aggressive front grill, restyled headlights (no separate fog lights), sharper tail light cluster and dark grey 17" wheels, all adds up to a nice looking motor. Beauty is subjective so, YMMV.
Comfort: The Mondeo suspension heritage is obvious. It’s smooth, supple and soaks up the potholes but still handles very well. Slightly softer than the outgoing model but all the better for it. It’s a good allrounder.
A redesign has meant there is less wind noise around the wing mirrors. Seals around the windows are much improved too. The cabin is much quieter but still not near quiet enough. Engine noise is still intrusive but not as bad. Sometimes the exhaust noise is quite loud but only when pushing the auto box and as the revs rise, the exhaust note is quite nice, so no bad thing. It isn’t fatigue inducing noisy, but I think my old (very) Peugeot had a quieter cabin.
The updated interior is much improved. Gone is the black on black monochrome blandness. The seats now have lighter grey insets and a new brushed aluminium detail strip across the dash and on the doors, is a nice touch.
Performance: Auto box sucks a bit of performance from the engine but the trade off is worth it. The auto is very smooth and, apart from the change in engine note, changes are almost imperceptible.
Pulling away from the lights, there is a slight lag which I find annoying. It’s only slight but it’s summat to get used to.
At motorway speeds (where I spend most of my time) the acceleration is little different from the manual box.
In short, there’s still plenty of grunt but the delivery is different. Just different.
Toys: There are loads more than the outgoing model; Adaptable lane assist (hate), Heads Up display (like), adaptable halogen headlamps (like), dusk sensing lights (like), auto full beam (jury is still out), auto wipers (like up to a point), radar guided cruise and distance warning (not yet used), blind spot monitoring (like-ish), Road sign recognition (meh!), Mercedes style auto door locking (hate), adaptable third binnacle display (too may choices), hill start assist (like), electric handbrake (hate), navigation system (not yet used) and multimedia (seems the same as previous model), although the display is the same size, it has been turned slightly towards the driver and the font is larger (like).
Economy: Too early to tell.

Overall, the Plus is a better package than the outgoing model. More comfort and slightly better ride, decent performance, nicer to sit in, and more toys. What’s not to like ?


There was a face-lift of the 6 this year, presumably yours is the latest model?


Looks very tarty :slight_smile:

Are the manufacturers’ making any cars that are not white anymore?