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What assistance is needed in an automatic?


That’s a valid point. It was on the manual as well. I assume there are greater levels of stupid around that need psychological support.


Yes. The new models have a β€œPlus (+)” suffix. Facelift plus loads of extras.
Mine was the first to be sold by my dealer.
The excitement from the sales team was highly amusing.


I specifically ordered white. I like white.


probably lets the parking brake off as you start to move


I like white too, it wasn’t aimed at you, just a general observation/question. :grin:


Me too. Particularly when it identifies the elderly antipodeans in the vicinity of Watlington so neatly. :smirk:


In much the same way that a yellow hued individual would stand out from the crowd and thus, be much easier to run over :unamused:


Colourismisticism! Nicely done for a Mazda driver…



Browsing a car mag at the dentist I saw that BMW have gone for max fugly with the new x7.


Must have been styled in house at the Fitz, they are BMWs highest paid styling retards.


bloody hell, that makes the Big Ford thing look good


Meanwhile over at Audi, they have found a way to get more cunts into a TT by giving it 4 doors.


that has caused some regurgitation of sushi


That looks absolutely horrific.
(Bet it’s nice inside though.)


Hmm.So Mercedes bring out the CLA. It’s hideous, rubbish to drive and no-one is buying it. So an Audi copy is exactly what’s needed. :thinking:


Didn’t BMW do it first with the 4series Gran Coupe?


So they have rebadged an A5/A7?


Needs moar chrome.