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Iโ€™ll go to hell for this, but I quite like the look of that.


TBF, itโ€™s not the ugliest Audi by some margin.


I have to say I quite like it tooโ€ฆ :laughing:


They said theyโ€™re not now gonna make it

I can see the point of it, though what I found more interest in was the initial interest in producing this INSTEAD OF the TT coupe / convertible because of falling demand.

Really? People in the market for a TT ragtop would rather have a 4 door Coupe thingie?

(And yeah, Iโ€™d have had happily one too )


That surprises me. I hold Audi responsible for kicking off all these niche-within-a-niche sub-classes and now theyโ€™re getting cold feet? Pah!


Shame, possibly the only audi ive looked at in the last 20yrs and genuinely liked / would consider driving.


Nearly as stupid as a 4 door Porker :roll_eyes::see_no_evil: