Notes from a remote island


Think about getting some led strip lights. Cheap and last ages.


Its an impressive erection.


I already have cable, a switch and some batten type light fittings, I’ll just stick a couple of them up. It’s only a store, so they will be on for only a few minutes at a time.



But it’s dark 4 months of the year.



One visit a day to the fuel store is enough though.


Seemed strange to have visitors today!

Cruise ship came and anchored in Tresta Bay, half a mile from us

They transferred about 100 of the passengers to the quay using ribs

Then about 6:30pm it left for Lerwick

This was it (taken from our front garden) on its way South, with Out Skerries in the background.


Those damned illegals are getting everywhere.:stuck_out_tongue:


That boat is holding roughly the equivalent of 12% of our population :smiley:


Funzie scouting party - All I’m saying is CASINO - If you build it they will come


Do you have a suitable bridge in mind?




I’ll put it forward at the next Island Committee meeting.


Excellent, why not sell it that Funzie is the new Bhutan? It’s all about being happy, oh and charging shit loads for a visa. Probably best not to mention the brothel sheds or DMT toad farming just yet.


I’ll personally take care of the brothel sheds, there’s no need for the rest of the Island to bother themselves over that.

Hopefully the DMT toad output will not dilute the income (or the psychedelic effects) from these


Might not be enough shroom (s) on such a small island.


A beautiful evening out with the girls, before dinner

Maddie posing

A rare moment of inactivity

I think we’ve found something!

Lovely walk, now for homemade leek soup and fresh bread!


Is that the main road on the island (from the lack of grass in the middle)? If so, did you just make the travel news?


No, it’s the road to our cottage and two other properties, it’s a dead end.

Travel news here is the same every day,

Are the ferries running? yes/no


What’s the speed limit on the island


That could still be a yes…