Notes from a remote island


I know someone who can consult on the botanicals


Except the location is perfect for artisan whisky, it is an island (OK it is nearer Norway than Scotland) but they always show it on the map just north of Scotland (in it’s own little box) It has peat, you could almost write the reviews now!


I’ve already written the reviews. Just need to work out how to make it :thinking::thinking::thinking:


My consultancy fee includes bed & board, a daily allowance plus transport. PM me :grin:


It’s not fucking hard, peasants have been making it out of barley for about 1000 years.

You need to get a move on, Matts’ Funzie Casino Megaplex needs a reliable source of high-test booze to ensure maximum recklessness at the Whist tables…


It looks like a sauna. :slight_smile:


Bake off at Paul’s place?


Since most of the island stuff tastes like someone wiped-out an ashtray with seaweed and boiled up the sludge in petrol before adding some caramel, I’d suggest you keep costs down and do the same - maybe lob in some oak sawdust too, for high-end stuff :+1:


Grow some Spuds and make Poitin.


Careful you don’t go blind/fuck yourself up drinking poorly made poitín. It is extraordinarily easy to get wrong judging by the numbers of casualties you used to run into in West Cork/Kerry.


Just to be clear. I have no intention whatsoever of making my own beer, wine, whisky, poitin, gin or any other alcoholic beverage.

The shed is currently a store so that I can empty everything out of the part built music room and get on with completing that.



How’s the market for Crystal Meth on Fetlar? Thriving I’d imagine.


Not required.

Drinking the water directly from Funzie Burn under a full moon has the exact same effect.


This. Buy nice booze, or drink your friends’ spare gin :blush:


Fairly sure I caught a dose of that once…


I think some of us are born with it


You need to use more motion-lotion chief :+1:


Not sure how easy it is to make good glue but I think I might know just the chap if you need a hand?


How many horses around Funzie ?