Notes from a remote island


There’s a few, maybe 8 or 9

Loads of Shetland Ponies though :grinning:


There’s your glue supply right there :+1:


Realization of where the term ‘hoofing’ glue came from has just struck - I need to lie down, preferably in my pyramid… I’m having a hopkins…


as a kid I remember my aunt bringing back a litre of poitin in a lemonade bottle for my dad, she told the customs man it was ‘holy water from the shrine at Knock’

(I am talking the 70s, long before they built the airport and the leisure centre)


Spare eh?


Don’t worry, I have a LARGE eclectic stock of alcoholic treats.

Whether it is ‘spare’ depends on who you are :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


First cruise ship of the season came in today and the weather behaved itself perfectly

View from the Island Hall

Only a relatively small ship, about 100 passengers came ashore

Ocean Nova


The hall put on a reception for them and local crafts were on display

Lou’s soap and candle display

Even the local primary school (3 pupils!) had a table there


Great entrepreneurs those kids!
They are selling rocks?


Indeed. However, they have cleverly made prints (maps, pics etc of the Island) on tissue that they stuck to the rock and then varnished them. Very effective and they sold quite a few at £1 to £2 each.


While MWS is away, Stronzetto put a crayon scribbled note through my letterbox offering to provide staff for any burgeoning sex tourism that might be occurring on Fetlar. He says he can supply ladyboys mostly and all the solvents you might need. I said we’d get back to him.


Interesting idea.

Maybe a change of use is required for the music room? It’s progressing nicely btw


Already tidier than mine.


If Stronzetto is going to be using that room you might need to think about some strong anchor points.


And wipe clean walls?


Already a big step up from the current casa Stronzetto



Another beautiful day here.

Eider Ducks (called ‘Dunters’ in Shetland) in Tresta Bay

All of the breeding birds have returned now

Northern Wheatear (male)


Inspirational story of sisters who lost their Dad in a farm accident, but are committed to continue producing quality food.

Still southerners to Paul. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well done to them. Bigton is a lovely spot.


A good news story for a change.