Notes from a remote island



Our neighbours are introducing many more cattle to the Island. They’re magnificent beasts and not to be trifled with. Any approach that is remotely close to a calf and they run towards you at an impressive speed.

The mothers are suitably equipped to harm

But this year’s offspring are gorgeous


I saw a load of ginger cows today when I was out on the bike today and they where a handsome bunch.


Yes, very handsome beasts.

Can’t wait to eat one.


I especially love the little Veals :+1:


Me too.

But just in case anyone gets the wrong idea about eating commercially produced veal, the cattle here never see a shed or enclosure and aren’t force fed.

They’re free to roam, until they’re slaughtered for food…

I’ll let you know how they taste :+1:


Same as our neighbour’s :+1:


At some point nature or the Abattoir will occur - This is when this happens

Please to be the Boss Hogg of the highlands.


I hope you are using grammar correctly there…


Those are some fine looking beasts indeed. Hope they taste as good as they look, especially the veal. Love me a nice bit of veal.


There’s something of the Trump about that calf profile photo. Apart from the glint of intelligence in the calf’s eye of course


It is the untrustworthy pinkness around the eye - In humans this always denotes ‘cunt’ conversely in animals ‘cute’


or stoned :upside_down_face:




Wow, you farm your neighbors?


No, but his greengrocer probably does.



Special sausages?



I keep seeing Pat Butcher in this pic




Interested to hear Bob Flowerdew on GQT saying how rigid poly-tunnels on the Islands gave the conditions of growing outdoor in SE England.

Reminded me of