Notes from a remote island


Yes, the rigid polytunnels (they use twin wall polycarbonate) are very popular and seem to be able to withstand the winds here. I intend to install a rigid cover on our frame next year, the only downside being that the materials alone will cost in excess of £3k.


Naga Saga in Funzie?



I’ll link this in ‘What you listening to’, but it’s the clash of Wearside and Scots accents that makes me think Funzie.

To the outside ear, like Portuguese and Spanish, they probably sound very similar. :thinking:

Which will you be bringing to Settle?

A picture of your hifi with a small, badly lit album cover in front of it

I only listened to around half of it, but he sounds like his accent is more like something a little North of Sunderland. Boldon Colliery maybe.


At one point he identifies with a particular half or three-quarter mile of the Wear. but I didn’t catch the exact location.

Sounds like the MiL might be more than half the problem. Calls to mind that excellent Scottish epithet - “crabbit auld bisom.”



More music. And birds…


Nice to see that the important things are getting sorted



Just as well its not bloody Orkney.


One rule for one set of islands and one rule for another.
We need more Scilly rules.


Rockall. So small and isolated that the sharpest point of a pencil would still exaggerate its size on any map that had any other land on it.



Lol, note the get out of jail card. If map makers put a reason on the map as to why said islands are in a box then that’s ok. Complete load of bollocks from the Scottish parliament. I assume this only applies to maps made using Scottish Government money?

Queue load of maps with an arrow saying islands 150 miles this way. Who the fuck wants to buy a map of the bloody sea, twonks.



Well we had one (pedantically a chart), but there was this bit of land that could’ve done with being in one of said boxes with a subtle warning along the lines of

“wake up you dozy fuckers, land 150 feet this way!”


The News Quiz - Series 97, Episode 6 - @bbcradio4

In which maps are discussed, during which Lloyd Langford refers to inhabitants chez @pmac as the “Shettish”…


I did hear it when it was broadcast.

I would expect nothing less from a thick leek muncher


When one door closes…


Oh well. Shame :unamused:


Bake-off venues?


Good point.