Nürburgring touristenfahrten 2019 - An AA road trip?


Did you notice Rob that none of them were RX8’s…


Couldn’t make it out of the pits.


I’m impressed they made it as far as the pits to be honest…


Transported on low-loaders


You people know nothing, apart from Steve @rmsshipbroker he’s a top chap he is.


He really fucking isn’t. But I suspect you know this.


How d’ya mean?


I mean that you are not really a top chap are you? You aren’t a complete scumbag. You have quite a way to go to achieve either status really. Probably best just to stay at meh.


That’s extremely hurtful.
I demand promotion to top tosser status immediately!
I have my own hi-viz jacket already…


Mark’s back on form :roll_eyes:




It is nice to have dreams. If you keep on being a bit off a wanker really and lose the odd bit of niceness you might get there. Probably just before death rears its ugly head and becons you to a new adventure.


Beckons you putrescent bellend




This is precisely how I need to be. :heart_eyes:
Is this available as a correspondence course?