Yep, well into my 50s now, and there’s no chance short of time travel of reconciling anything, so yep, I guess you are right. I guess it’s illusory to imagine anything could ever have been different. After-all my mother is still alive after a fashion, and 53 years of trying hasn’t made us like one-another any better, nor resolved a single conflict… I just need to stop blaming them for what a supermassive cunt I am and move-on, perhaps start running Zimbabwe or some other job better suited to my poisonality than tat-pander to twa… er… lovely people.


Non starter I’m afraid. They expect their presidents to wear full length trousers.


Fuck that, channelling my hatred at my dead fuck of a father is what’s kept me going. He was a particularly vile cunt though.




One less ‘Likely Lad’ now



Man of many talents


fuck fuck fuck fuck fucking fuck

Whatever happened to the likely lads was absolutely brilliant


Classic comedy


I saw him performing a one man version of 3 men in a boat just a few years ago. Avery funny evening given by a very talented performer.


Apparently a very nice bloke too. Unlike the cunt that played opposite him.

Anyone that can do a ‘one man’ version of ‘3 men’ in a boat, deserves some applause :smiley:


“when he came back from the greenhouse a caterpillar fell out of his underpants”


david cassidy gone at 67 , multiple organ failure . very sad


He was a presence in our house as my older sister was a huge fan & besides plastering her walls with posters, she went to see him in concert at Maine Road on one occasion. The rest of us found him & his music rather anodyne but his fans were very devoted.


My sister loved him and Donny Osmond,and would go to Heathrow to get a glimpse of either.


We actually went to see him (guess whose idea that was) in Newcastle some years ago. He was just as I imagined he would be - nice guy doing all the old favourites. The audience were a bit scary though.




Where you a Hippie Guy?


No. I was only 8 when the Summer of Love arrived in 1969*. Our local chemist refused to sell me the Patchouli oil & joss sticks. You’d need to ask @stu about those far off times. He’d remember them.

*I do recall liking Leaving on a Jet plane though


Guy was running around with the Beatnik crowd in the mid 50s,so was probably settled down by the late 60s.


Jim Nabors dead at 87. I remember watching The Andy Griffiths Show and Gomer Pyle when I was a kid.

I wish MY Gomers would go the same way.


RIP Cheggers.